A Little Mary Jane to Make Your Day.

Mary Jane Burgers & Brew that is. On a recent trip with friends we stopped in a little burger joint in Perryville, MO. This isn’t the first time I have been here but for some of the group it was. Believe me when I say there are some picky eaters in this group too.

Now me, I went with the Rooster. Somewhat as an inside joke from work about the show “The Ranch” and also because, well just read the description.

My apologies for neglecting to get more shots of the food. We were starving and soon this table was full of appetizers, food and drinks.

And there it is The Rooster. Que up the slow food porn music and pan in for a close up.

Absolutely delicious food all the way around. Even our picky eaters loved it all. At the end of the day the only complaint was. “Holy crap I’m stuffed”

If you ever find yourself on Interstate 55 south of St. Louis then make the side trip to Mary Jane in Perryville. They have a good beer selection, great service, and amazing food.


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