Now This is Steak

Consider this post a bit of a PSA. Most of what supermarkets sell prepackaged as steak should have just been ground into burger. The problem is that they are too thin. It is next to impossible to cook a little half inch piece of meat properly. In my humble, and only one that matters to me, opinion steaks should be no less than an inch and a half thick. I prefer 2 inches.

That’s right ladies the size of the meat does matter. Nobody wants a small, lifeless, limp, unfulfillimg piece of meat. We want thick, heavy, and filling. Get your mind out of the gutter were talking steak here. A steak too thin cooks too fast so you end up with no good crust on the outside and over done on the inside. Or if you manage to get the center right the outside is bland and lifeless.

When in the mood for steaks there are about 3 options. 1. Maybe you are lucky and your store does package “Thick cut” steaks. 2. Ask your butcher or the stores butcher to custom cut some for you, this shouldn’t cost you any extra. Or 3. And probably the most economical get a strip or ribeye roast and cut it yourself. The roasts are usually about a dollar per pound cheaper than the precut steaks.

What? you don’t need 6 pounds of steak. Then take it home cut it, wrap it up, bag it up and freeze it. Boom money saved and steak dinners for days.

What you are not going to get in this post is cooking instructions. I just want to lay the foundation here. Start with a good piece of meat first. Good meals have to start with good ingredients.

If you are just dying for a recipe and are intimidated to cook such a huge piece of meat I recommend picking up “The 4-Hour Chef“. The steak cooking method in there is simple to follow and will leave you with a melt in your mouth piece of meat.


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