GOT Scotch



During a recent trip to the movies with my wife we stopped at a liquor store so she could get some frappe-chocolate-cream-fru-fru stuff. Sarcastically she asked if I wanted to wait in the car, I don’t think so. While walking around checking things out I decided I was probably just going to go grab my go too favorite scotch Laphroaig 10, as this is the cheapest place I can get that scotch. As soon as I hit the scotch Isle I noticed the Game of Thrones Limited Edition House Lannister Lagavulin 9 year hold scotch. As I pined over the find I noticed there were only two left on the shelf. What would any self respecting fan of scotch and fan of the show do? Yes I bought both one to drink and one to collect. You can see my initial unboxing and tasting on my video here.

This is a very clean and smooth scotch. There is a good hint of peat and smoke, not as much as a Lagavulin 16 but it is noticeable. This is a very balanced drink as is has some sweet notes to calm down the peat and smoke. I also pick up a touch of seawater in the finish. I had my wife taste, as I always do, and she even commented that is was mild enough for her. All in all it was a great find and it looks like it may be the beginning of my whiskey collecting.


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