Gastronomically Intense Day

What a day, it actually started yesterday. I did a sponge and soaker for my bread, a process I had just recently read about in “Mother Earth News”. Today, after my final exam this morning I decided to celebrate with steak and eggs. Nicely aged T-bones grilled to perfection. Two over easy farm fresh eggs. With a soft warm buttered yeast roll on the side.

The best beef is clearance meat it is aged to perfection.

Next I started cooking my batch of chili. About 2lbs ground deer, two onions, one bell pepper, 8oz button mushrooms, 4 cans diced tomatoes, 4 cans of kidney beans, a bag of pinto beans, and two bottles of beer. I started that simmering and let it go all day.

Happily simmering away

After a few errands I pulled the bread sponge from the fridge to let it come up to working temp. While waiting on that I went ahead and kegged the Raspberry Burrr-eh . It came in at a nice 1.011 FG.That will give it a 7.97% + ABV . The plus is because that doesn’t count any sugar contributions from the raspberries.

Alcoholic Raspberry Goodness
Only 4 gallons of this bad boy 😦
A fruit beer close to 8%, we know what’s about to happen

Now back to the bread. After warming up the recipe called for a mixer with a dough attachment and dough hook. My mind, this came out of Mother Earth News I am going to do this by hand. After about 30 seconds of trying to stir the dough with a spoon the mixer came out. A person could probably do fine by using wet hands and mixing that way.  With ingredients mixed and the waiting rise times I realized I had missed my mark for having this done in time for dinner tonight..

The guests came the chili was served. It was awesome, thick, savory, flavorful. I prefer mine a little hotter but I had to suit the tastes of some of our milder guests. All in all the chili turned out great. You can’t beat a batch of deer chili that has simmered all day. Finally after everyone was completely full. The portion I had been waiting for all day. The bread was ready. My oven took a little longer to cook that the recipe suggested. After all the delays it was worth the delays. Here was a bread with the only ingredients being salt, yeast, water, and flour, with 2tbsp honey added. It was amazing. Nice slightly crispy crust while the bread was light but hardy. This will be my new go to  bread recipe. The lesson learned make two loaves next time. It went quick even though everyone was full.

All thats left of this bready delight.

Beers consumed today: Schlafly ESB and Guinness Draught. Which topped off a intensively flavor oriented day. The beer, the food, the bread, but most importantly what it comes down to it the togetherness of the family at the end of the day enjoying all of these things.

The Best Brewing Book Ever

Bread Baking Refrences


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