4-Hour Deliciousness

Well as I have previously posted I am currently on the 4-Hour Body slow carb diet. I went ahead and broke down and bought The 4-Hour Chef as well. Initially I bought this because 1 I like to cook, 2 it also touts methods for improved learning skills. I am all about learning, cant be a know-it-all with out it. The book, in Tim Ferris fashion, is amazing, easy to follow, great pictures, and about many more things than just cooking and recipes. The bonus is that most of the recipes are slow carb compliant.


Not liking to take the slow approach on much I jumped right in and planned a steak dinner for my lovely wife and myself. Using the “Arugula, Avocado, and Roma Salad” (p180), “Sexy Time Steak” (p186) and “Union Square Zucchini” (p158) recipes. These were simple to time, my main problem with cooking a whole meal, and delicious. While drying steak start salad and slice zucchini, pre-heat skillet plate salad, sear steak, place in oven, eat salad with amazing dinner partner, pull steaks, saute zucchini while steaks resting, plate zucchini, steaks, and some beans I had simmering on the oven. Delicious and romantic, the steak is aptly named, and most of all easy. I never thought something so “fancy” could be so easy.

Close up for effect
Close up for effect

Probably the most important thing I have picked up about cooking from this book is get your”mise en place” . Thats freaky deaky dutch “French actually” for get your shit together before you start. This made what looks and sounds like a difficult dinner so much easier. No running around looking for a seasoning, or utensil. They were already out and measured and ready to go. I would advise this step to anyone cooking anything. Whip it all out before you start.

I would venture to say that you will see more cooking and recipes from this book. The wife loved the dinner and enjoyed reading the recipes as well.

Black and White that makes it romantic right
Black and White that makes it romantic right

PS the cocktail recipe with the steak works wink wink.


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