AHHHHH!!! Infection!

Well bad news in the ole Buzzrd’s Brewhouse. I may have had my second infection in 8 years of brewing. I just transferred my imperial raspberry blonde onto the raspberries and it tasted phenolic. Vinyl like or clove like. I am just hoping that it was due to allot of yeast in suspension. I believe that is being optimistic though. I have a feeling it happened while chilling the wort. I aerate as I cool and I walked away from the pot during this process. Well my aeration got vigorous and bubbled up over the lid exposing wort to the unsanitized top of the lid and open air actually.
Time will tell. I will leave it on the raspberries for 2 weeks and taste it then. Who knows maybe it just became a lambic. This sucks! I will give an update when I find out.


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