Smoked Swine Snuggled in a Weaved Bacon Blanket

So my nephew had this request for his birthday. Smoked, bacon wrapped pork loin.

So I started out with a bacon weave big enough to cover the length and girth of a 10lb pork loin. 2.5 pounds of bacon.

I seasoned the inside of the weave with a little bbq pork rub seasoning and rolled this bad boy up. As you can see from the picture I added a couple strips yo cover the ends up. I didn’t want the ends drying out.

Once the smoker got up to temp about 225 to 250. And that is approximate because I’m using wood and charcoal so it fluctuates a bit during cooking. I added a pan underneath the rack and threw in a can of beer. Then laid this baby down for its smoke break.

Smoking away I primarily use hickory. I won’t claim it to be better than any other wood but it is just my favorite. Anything I smoke uses hickory. Heck I’ve used it so much that my smoker is thoroughly seasoned with the smell and flavor of hickory. So even if I indirect cook with no wood chips the meat will still pick up that hickory flavor.

Just a quick peek after about 2 hours I used up all the wood chips. Now it is just wait for the meat to come up to temp.

After the loin hits 150 I pull it. No that bacon isn’t burned, there are some crispy bits but it is just well smoked. I let it rest for 10 to 15 min.

Look at that delicious bacon.

Nothing left to do but slice and serve. You can see the pink smoke ring in the slices. This was juicy and tender and delicious. And really not that difficult of a smoking day.

In summary

2.5 lb bacon


10lb pork loin

Wrap & smoke

About 4 hours at 225 -250

Pull at 150 internal temp




Pop button




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