Gone but not forgotten

Buzzrds brew house has been down and out not due to lack of blogging but the lack of brewing. since my local homebrew shop is undergoing the arduous task of, wouldn’t call it remodeling but call it building from scratch. They putting up an entirely new building a new brew shop. I’m kind of in limbo I’ve been dreading the thought of paying for shipping again piecing together orderes online, yeast from one place grain from another. I couldn’t do it. I got so far behind I actually ordered a Brewers Best kit not ordered but bought from Oldtown liquor store. Just couldn’t see myself blogging about that one I mean it was like Picasso going back to paint by numbers. Not that I’m a Picasso of brewing by any means. I look for Windy Hill to be open within the next month or so hopefully sooner and then I’ll get started I mean I’ve got a new toy to play with a new grain mill so they no longer have to mill my grain for me. I will be sure to blog about my new brew day as soon as I get back to it. I have some interesting recipes in mind.



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