Big Muddy Brew Fest

The weather couldn’t have been special ordered any better for the fest this year. My first stop was at the newly founded Scratch Brewing I tried the petite saison which was a gimmie because Marika Josephson brews amazing saisons. The beer was light fruity a with a touch of spice. My non craft beer friends liked it a lot and found it very drinkable. The team of Aaron, Marika, and Ryan have a very bright future in the craft beer industry.
The next memorable beer came from Big Muddy Brewing. A special bourbon barleywine creation Chuck Stuhrenberg has got another good beer going here. Malty, warming, and just plain good. I could see myself sipping this with a nice cigar on a brisk fall evening.
As the day progressed I found myself having to pick up the pace. There were many good beers tasted. I was glad to see the taps get drained at the Southern Illinois Brewers homebrew club tent. These guys are really giving homebrewing some good publicity. The Vienna lager I tasted was probably the best of the Vienna / Octoberfest styles I tried. Keep up the good work Justin. The homemade hard lemonade was a huge hit as well.
Glad to see my friends from Windy Hill Hops there. Especially glad to hear that work on the new shop is nearing completion. I can’t wait to get back to brewing and Windy Hill Hops are just the people to make that happen.
Two other noteable beers were the rye IPA and black rye IPA at the Kirkwood Station and Bison Brewing tent. I did make a couple trips.
The day was great, the beer awesome, the crowd fun, and I think everyone involved had a good time.


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