Hit and Miss

Brewing, cooking and blogging have been sporadic lately. My brewing has been hit or miss. Probably brewing about once a month. This inherently has a couple other effects. One leads to buying more and therefore sampling different beers, which has the downside of spending more on beer. Cooking has been a matter of necessity lately instead of a labor of love. It has been lacking inspiration and feeling. I still do love to cook but have just lacked the time or motivation to experiment and make it fun. Lastly blogging has been nonexistent. I just haven’t had the drive. Well I’m back. Brewing a little more lately and as you can see blogging again. I have really found my go to beers for brewing. I have nailed the BBW a Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat clone and by nailed it I mean my wife loves it. I love the 21A Bitter American clone for my go to beer good balanced hop flavor and aroma but lower alcohol so I can have one or two before work. The fan favorite beer in my little home brewery it the Raspberry Burrrr- eh my imperial raspberry blonde. I just finished brewing 10 gallons of the Bitter American, I need my own name for that one. The yeast from that will be used for the Raspberry Burrrrr-eh. My wife is about to finish her BBW. As the title of this post mentions my brewing has been a  bit hit or miss. Specifically hitting my OG. I did a Janet’s Brown and was off by 12 pts, the BBW was about 8 off, but I nailed the 21A-BA . I attribute this to a lack of brewing consistency. As noted with the last one it was on. Starting to brew again will be fun. My plan is to bring you back along for the ride of my brewing, drinking, cigar smoking, culinary and over all anything flavorful and fun for the senses. Next step will be to get creative with the cooking, who knows maybe I will revisit an old favorite to get the juices flowing again. Maybe some braised pork or some 50/50 deer / ground beef burgers.

First 10 Gallon batch in a while.
First 10 Gallon batch in a while.
Mmmmmm look at those hops.
Mmmmmm look at those hops.

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