Raspberry, Oktoberfest, and Family

Yes I got a little drunk last night and I’d do it again. Having my son home on leave, we had a nice dinner, grilled pork steaks, grilled cabbage, we won’t talk about the burnt grilled potatoes, fried corn, and Mac and cheese. Joined by numerous Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. Shootin my bow,before drinking, and telling stories it just doesn’t get any better than that. Oh and did I mention the raspberry beer is alive.

Let’s start with Oktoberfest. A caramel colored, slightly sweet, rich tasty goodness. I have tried many of the Oktoberfest versions this year and let me say Sam Adams still reigns supreme. The best thing about it is it’s depth and richness. This beer has flavor. In many of the other examples they try so hard to get a nice dry beer the end up short on flavor. Sam Adams is dry enough to keep you coming back for more but full of flavor. Nice caramel, sweet, rich, flavors. Is no wonder this is a huge seller for Sam Adams.

Oktoberfest, pork steaks, and the charcoal getting hot.
Oktoberfest, pork steaks, and the charcoal getting hot.

As I mentioned the raspberry beer is alive. It’s also drinkable. There is definitely a little twang to it something like a vinyl or plastic flavor, but after two you don’t care anymore any way. These things are potent. Coming in at 7.27% without including the sugar contribution from the raspberries this beer has a kick. If you take your time and get past that off flavor there is a nice beer in there. Really you can find it. It’s a nice tart raspberry flavor with a good malt backbone to back it up. Don’t worry after the 3rd or 4th glass you don’t get that off flavor anymore. Nor do you stay conscious for much longer.

So waking up at 5:30 am on the couch, and going to bed I remembered what a great night it was. Both of my boys home, my brother here, and numerous other family. It was a great Raspberry Oktoberfest night and I would do it again tomorrow.


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