Chili and Porter With a Cigar Fail.

When we last left our hero, like a week ago, he had just gotten really hammered on some Oktoberfest and Raspberry beer. Since then he has not let you down with drinking, smoking cigars, eating, or cooking. Just let you down in writing about it. Oh yea and taking pictures of it too. It was a very busy week with 7 people living in my two bedroom 1 bathroom house. With more family visiting from out of town. As always my priority is family.

Lets start with the chili / Deschutes Black Butte Porter paring. I stacked the deck a bit by using a bottle in the chili itself. My chili is a simple recipe. Equal cans of beans and tomato sauce. I usually blend up about half the beans. I think it lends to the thickness and texture. If I use diced tomatoes I blend them as well. So it’s just easier to use sauce. Ok equal cans beans and tomatoes. Heated up my pot with some olive oil added peppers, onions, and garlic. I let those sweat out for a few minutes. I threw in about 3 lbs ground deer, (if you use beef you will have to drain the grease). adding a little of the chili seasoning packet to the meat. Browned that up then added the beans and tomatoes along with the rest of the chili packet and one bottle of the Black Butte Porter. From here out just adjust flavors as needed. I like to have extra beans and tomatoes on hand maybe even some tomato paste just for flavor or texture adjustments. Let simmer at a LOW simmer don’t scorch the bottom. The longer it simmers the more the flavors will meld.

Now for the porter. This was a nice roasty, smooth, chocolaty and rich porter. The whole reason I bought it was to pair with the chili. I nailed it, like a boss. Even my wife who isn’t much on porters and stouts took a drink to wash down her spoon full of chili and was impressed how the two played so well off of each other.

I finished off this dinner with a few more of those porters and a Gurkha Ancient Warrior cigar. This was a deep dark cigar black and oily. It had a nice earthy, spicy aroma before lighting and that’s were the fun ended. The end was split and I spent all night fighting with it instead of smoking it. I think this could have been a really good finish to the meal but never got to enjoy it. Realized later should have cut the last inch off and would have been fine. Oh well you live and learn.

Cigar or not everyone, including my biggest chili critics, loved the meal. They can all be haters but the proof is in the pudding, or chili this time and the lack of left overs. Dinner with my both my boys home just can’t be beat. It wont last but it will be fun while they are here.


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