A step in the right direction.

I got accepted, as I think almost everyone who applies does, to be a writer for Examiner.com. This can be a paying thing but it’s probably not going to end up in me quitting my full-time job. What it will do is give me deadlines, experience, and exposure. All things that will help me grow as a writer. The official title I have is “Paducah Craft Beer Examiner”. Here lies the challenge there isn’t a great craft beer scene in Paducah. What I ended up doing was making a trip down there, about a 40 min drive for me, and did a little shopping.
The first stop was at a newer shop called Wagner Wine and Spirits. This place was well lit with a big selection of wine, liquors, and craft beer. The odd thing was this good quality liquor store is also a gas station. A combination that seemed a little odd to me. They had a pretty good beer selection all the major players and some local, to Kentucky anyway, breweries as well. The only fault I could find is the staff could be more categorized as gas station employees as opposed to liquor store employees. They were friendly and helpful and they could also find anything in their inventory when asked. They just didn’t seem to have a deep craft beer knowledge. I picked up a couple different items from here, West 6th Brewing IPA and Bluegrass Brewing Company Horse Piss Beer, and moved on to the next shop.
I have known about Roof Brothers Wine and Spirits for a while. This place is my beer mecca. The selection here would rival most metropolitan bottle shops. How and why this place exists in such a beer barren area escapes me but I am sure thankful for it. Roof Brothers has a huge selection of craft beer, not to mention wine and liquors as well. Most of the big names like Dogfish Head, Rogue, Stone, Left Hand, and so many more. They also have a nice import lineup including a whole section of Belgian beers. I happened to ask for and acquire a bottle Cantillon, their last one I believe. So when I say they have a huge line up of hard to find beer I mean it. This staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They also were able to give me a lead on a good beer bar in the area that I had no idea existed. My purchases here included Cantillon Gueze, Fonteinin Intense Red Oude Kriek, Dogfish Head Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Altech’s Lexington Brewing Company Kentucky IPA, and a bottle of 50 Shades of Grey wine for my wife. Like I said they have everything.
What I plan to do for the Examiner gig is a little write-up on each shop and then the beers acquired from these shops respectively that should give me a few articles to get started. As I post those I will also give an update on them here and link to them as well. Hopefully this can build into something bigger. Until then I will just have to enjoy drinking and telling you about it.


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