The Examiner gig is challenging yet fun

The last time we met I told you about beginning to write for . It has been interesting so far. At the time of writing this blog I have posted an entire 5 articles on the site. It has been difficult for me. As you can tell I’m used to writing in first person, was terrible in English in high school, and writing isn’t as big of a passion for me as beer is. I enjoy a challenge though. I thought I was doing good by switching everything to second person narrative, but the editorial comments I received constantly requested third person. Ok I guess I can comply. Maybe I should go back and edit my first articles?
The second challenge is my area of writing. “Paducah Craft Beer Examiner”. But Buzz you love beer and Paducah is close whats the problem? Ill tell you thanks for asking. There isn’t much of a craft beer scene in the Paducah area. Other than having probably one of the best bottle shops in a 100 mile radius, that’s about it. I have gotten a lead on a couple of places with different draft beers on tap which I plan on checking out in the next couple weeks. Needless to say my writing so far has been about Kentucky brewed beer bought at the two good bottle shops.
I believe its going to be a fun journey. I will post links or copies of articles here, as permitted by the agreement. Hopefully I will also get a few relaxed articles written as well. It’s supposed to be fun right and I plan to keep it that way. Here is a link to my title page with the list of articles I have written so far.


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