Name That Drink

After taking some advice from a fellow drinker, not always the best people to get advice from, I tried a new drink.


Why yes that is a pickle in my beer.

Consequently I fell in love with this drink. I eat and refresh the pickle every time I pour a new beer and, make mine dirty, pour a shot of the pickle juice in it. I would recommend if you try this use a full flavored lager. I have found it works great with Stag and Pabst Blue Ribbon both of which are full flavored and a bit sweeter so the sour pickle and juice balance nicely. A cursory Google search will inform you that pickle juice while drinking helps prevent hangovers. I can attest to this. Even though I rarely get hangovers, blessing or curse who knows, I felt great the next day. I even believe it slightly delayed or muted the drunken feeling. I have also found that a jar of dill spears is pretty much the perfect amount of pickles and juice to go with a 12 pack. Coincidence?

What, with all this useful info and all, I cant seem to find is an official name for this drink. Pickleback is already taken as eating a pickle after a shot or chasing a shot with pickle brine. So what are some ideas for a name for this. Any thoughts?


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