Fire, Meat, Drink and Smoke

The begining of civilized, cough cough, man started with the discovery of fire. Fire used for warmth, light, defense, manufacturing, and most importantly burning dead animal flesh.

Burn baby burn

Who can honestly tell me that they dont perk up when they smell that grill burning or the bonfire roaring. The sweet smell of smoke. Fire is the basis for all thing happiness.wp-1490141998385.jpg

Such as cooking meat. Steaks good, steaks cooked over fire better. Brats good, brats cooked over fire better. See the pattern here. Everything tastes better cooked over a real fire.

Yes a re-used picture.

Drink what does fire have to do with alcohol? What doesn’t it have to do with it. You dont get beer or whisky without fire. Ooh but what about my electric induction burner? Shut up go kiss a Prius were working with fire here. Hell the boiling of beer, with fire, made it safer to drink than water in the mid evil times. The smoking of malts gave us nice smoked beers and smoked peated malts for my favorite smoky scotches. And speaking of whiskeys and any other distilled liquor you need fire for that distillation process. Not to mention does it get much better than enjoying a couple drinks around a bonfire or campfire?

And smoke.



“I never smoked a cigar in my life until I was nine” W C Fields.

That ever necessary fire is used to light that rich, dark, oily, therapy in a stick, cigar as well. The crackling at each draw. Time stops as you taste the subtle flavors, which can be missed if you rush it and just smoke it. Then your stress releases with each exhale and blows away in the wind riding the cloud of smoke. That and I really like cigars too.


So in short  I am in a happy place fire burning, meat cooking, drinks flowing, and cigar smoking. A very happy place.



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