Meat, cheese, meat, fruit, meat, spreads, and meat. Any way you slice it is awesome.

Charcuterie board Scottish Arms St. Louis, Mo

The meat and cheese plate, board, dish, can be and elegant sophisticated addition to any dining experience, or a simple snack made at home. From a simple dish of cured meats such as salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, ham, turkey, or any other cured meats that you can get at your average grocery store. Mix it with the various cheeses you can find. Even if you dont have much to choose from try various sharpness’s of cheddar that are pretty much common everywhere.

Do this at home with easy to find meats and cheeses

If you wan to impress your significant other get some throw one of these together for a nice night at home. They make for a nice romantic snack as you sit back and enjoy a date night at home.

Add some fruit bread and crackers and it gets fancier, even on paper plates.

Next time your out or even staying in think, You know what would make this better? Meat. Then throw one together yourself or find a place that serves one.

A choose your own meat and cheese adventure at Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar St Louis, Mo

Links to the restaurants mentioned in this post.

The Scottish Arms Public House

Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar


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