Pizza and Wings Done Right.

I originally come from a far off land where pizza and wings are done right. When you order a pizza they don’t ask what crust you want. You get the kind they make, dont like it go some where else. Wings are not soggy and dripping smothered in sauce. The skin is crispy and the flavor is traditional Buffalo. So when it is time to make the drive, 12hrs and 800 miles drive, I load up on all the wings I can get.

Worth the drive.

Did I mention they also don’t ask you what dressing you want for your wings, you get bleu cheese as it was meant to be. My simple and favorite pizza pepperoni and mushrooms. I have tried so many different toppings and I do like to be adventurous on a pizza. When it is time for comfort pizza, my favorite pizza, the only way to do it pepperoni and mushrooms.

You can go to your wing places all over the country and you can try pizzas everywhere to me its jut not the same as in the Western New York area. The birthplace of the Buffalo Wings. They did them first and they do them right every time.


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