Char-grilled Hot Dogs

So what I can grill hot dogs at home right. Yes you can but they wont be like these. Another place I have to hit when I get back to WNY is Ted’s Hot Dogs.



From the Ted’s website.

The world’s best hot dogs, sausages, burgers and chicken sandwiches, cooked just the way you like it over a glowing bed of real hardwood charcoal.

You walk it and it is like a backyard cook out all day every day. Mine as you can see I like with all the standard toppings. Mustard, ketchup (suck it chicagans), onions, relish, and a pickle on the side. My travel buddy went for the gusto and yes that is Mac and cheese on top of a hot dot. Crazy? I don’t think so how many time have you put hot dogs in mac and cheese, think about it.

Hand Battered Onion Rings and Crispy French Fries

Throw all this together with some hand battered onion rings and crispy french fries you have a meal that will leave you stuffed with happiness.


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