Rib Roasts For The Weekend 

One of my favorite meats to smoke is a rib roast. Now just for a little distinction, prime rib is a specific USDA designation. Usually poor little me can only afford a “choice” cut mad not “prime”. The designation usually has to do with the fat and marblimg. Ok back to cooking. I don’t have many tips on prepping just because I don’t do much. I like to let the meat shine. A little olive oil a little Montreal steak seasoning (salt pepper garlic cyenne pepper). Just a little charcoal and about a 250 to 300 degree smoker. Sometimes I will add hickory chips to for a little smokier flavor, but where I love huge smoke flavor not everyone does. Optional is throwing a drip pan underneath with some chicken stock, onions, mushrooms and use it to make an Au Jus. I do still use a probe thermometer even though I know from experience it will basically be 6 hours till perfection. I always shoot for a medium rare. I pull my roasts about 140 degrees. Let them rest covered in foil for minimum of 10 minuets up to 30. A lot of that depends on if sides are ready or not. Then just slice to desired thickness. If its just me and my wife I will go with thicker slices. If i am entertaining guests I will go thinner just to make sure there is plenty to go around.

Simple seasoning olive oil, McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning
Let’s get started, notice the drip pan.
About 2 hours to go added some taters.
Rested to perfection.
Pure deliciousness
Did I mention pure deliciousness

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