El Paso Grubb

On a recent trip I flew into El Paso. After a long nights journey and a sprint through Dallas airport to catch a connecting flight we were hungry. About a 5 to 10 minute drive from the airport was a little place called The Hoppy Monk. It made me think of an old western saloon with is well worn wooden chairs and tables. Their menu gave a very extensive lesson on which major brewing conglomerates own which so called craft breweries in an effort to inform the public. This was a touch I really appreciated. The beer list was extensive, a good lengthy draft list and bottle list as well. Also as impressive was the whiskey and wine list and the cocktails as well. Don’t believe me check out their menu online at www.thehoppymonk.com. Brunch was served and the drinks arrived. The food was amazing and drinks around the table were great. Everyone found something they enjoyed to drink. Everyone enjoyed their food. I would definitely recommend stopping in to The Hoppy Monk if you are in the El Paso area. I would not recommend getting lost and almost ending up in Mexico with out passports due to the GPS being lost because of road construction. While it was a little unnerving it will be a story told for years.

Eggs in Purgatory
Eggs in Purgatory


Maple Bacon Liege Waffle
Behind my food you can see a Real Ale brewing Axis IPA
Real Ale Brewing Devils Backbone Belgian Tripple

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