A Mule and a Psyko


That was my view every morning on my trip to New Mexico, no not the cigar the mountain peak. If the little peak finder app I installed on my phone was correct that would be Mule Peak that adorned my view daily. Although since this isn’t a geography blog I would assume the cigar is more of what you are interested in. I picked up the Psyko Seven Maduro at The Smokers Hut. This is a nice shop, with a properly humidified walk in humidor and a lounge too. The shop also has rolling classes and does some of their own blends. As I was pressed for time I just grabbed something that was new to me, the Psyko Seven Maduro.


The label is very interesting written out like a prescription label but listing the ingredients of the cigar which makes for fun reading while smoking. This is a nice firm cigar and a rough oily wrapper. The flavors were rich and spicy with hints of cocoa and coffee. This was an extremely well constructed smoke as it burned straight as a laser with no touch ups needed. The smoke was rich full and velvety. The flavor was consistent most of the way through although near the end the white pepper and spiciness did ramp up which I love in a good spicy cigar.  All in all this cigar was a joy to have with my morning coffee looking at that peak and thinking to my self:

“You see that mountain over there,
Yea, one of these days
I’m going to climb that mountain.”

New Composition_2017-09-23 10-18-16
A closer view of mule peak with the full moon rising over it.



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