There’s Pizza in Them There Hills

Where do you go for great pizza? Well duh the ski slopes. I mean who doesn’t know that. Up in the mountains of Cloudcroft is Ski Cloudcroft. While I know nothing about skiing and it was mid summer and even at this altitude there was no snow but they have another attraction there, pizza. Handmade, wood-fired pizza.



A quaint little ski chalet with indoor and outdoor seating is known by the locals for their 10 inch hand made wood fired pizzas. Our order was taken by a polite older man, I’m guessing the proprietor of the restaurant, note I really have to get better at talking to people and asking questions. The menu is simple a few specialty pizzas and of course make your own with the standard sides items as well including wings.


The place is cozy and relaxed the smell from the wood fired oven invokes comfort. The pizza will not disappoint. A tasty light crust with a well balanced sauce. The wings were damn good too, crispy and with the right amount of sauce on them. Any one that knows me knows I’m a wing snob, being from Buffalo and all. These were good wings.


Who would have thought that tucked away in the mountains you would find a great pizza joint with wood fired pizza and crispy wings. I suggest you get off the beaten path the next time you are in the Alamogordo area and go check out Ski Cloudcroft.



The hills and pine forests will also make the trip worth your while. The scenery is beautiful and the outside seating will allow you to take it all in. I would recommend going in the warmer months if you plan on sitting outside though.



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