Beers of NM

I was super surprised to find all the local craft beer selections while in New Mexico. New Mexico isn’t necessarily known for a craft beer scene, California yes, Denver yes, Asheville yes, but New Mexico not so much. Well as I found out they have some great beers out in that desert.



As can be seen from the tap wall at the Inn of The Mountain Gods Casino. The beer is taken seriously.


Even the local Walgreens had a good craft beer selection, not to mention the grocery stores as well.  These 2 the Rio Grande IPA and Alien Amber both from Sierra Blanca Brewing company were two of the 6 packs I picked up. The IPA nice and balanced and the Amber good malty backbone with a touch of caramel sweetness.


I’m Usually disappointed by commercial amber ales. I can honestly say I was not with the Alien Amber.


Back to that tap wall and as you can see when the night goes on I have to take notes on my pictures so I remember what I had. I guess that might be a hazard when you post about alcoholic beverages, but I am willing to face that hazard head on.


The Hidden Tap in Ruidoso is where I stumbles upon probably my favorite beer of the trip. La Cumbre Brewing Red Ryeot. I loved this beer. Great sweet maltiness balanced out by an enjoyable rye spiciness. This beer actually excited me it was like i was discovering craft beer for the first time all over again.


It was so good I had to pick some up just for a second round. Now I just have to figure out how to get this stuff at home.

On the way back to the airport in El Paso we stopped at a cool kinda hipster place called Crave. I wont go into the food here, look for an up coming article, but I will throw this beer in for honorable mention and runner up for best beer of the trip. Easy Peasy IPA from Deep Ellum Brewing Company. Light sessionable for an IPA at 5.2% full of flavor and balanced. This could definitely be an everyday beer or a good pool time beer.

So as you can see I was surprised to say the least about the great beer scene in New Mexico and was thoroughly impressed as well. This was a great trip and I cant wait to go back and give it another go around. Try some new favorites and new beers I have never had before.


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