Crave Kitchen and Bar

As I mentioned in my previous post on the beers of New Mexico we stopped at a place called Crave in El Paso, TX. The outside and in are adorned with metal scluptures.  This is something, having been a welder myself, I really enjoy seeing. I guess I would call it comfortably new age grunge with out being over the top, if that’s a thing. The cullinary attributes are without a doubt there though. This is not a gimmicky place at all.



As mentioned in the beer article Crave is where I found Deep Ellum Easy Peasy IPA and loved it. Since I already discussed the beer here, now its time to talk about the food.



Yes the food doesn’t that look mouth watering. When trying a new place why not try a signature item?  I mean if they are willing to stake the name of the place on a food item that is what I am trying first. So I did, I ordered the

CRAVE BURGER: homemade Guinness steak sauce, cheddar and grilled red onions.

Man did I go right. This thing was awesome. Cooked perfectly the sauce and the grilled onions were melt in your mouth. The beef was fresh and juicy. The burger was amazing. Anyone that follows me and knows me knows I cant get enough smoke flavor. There is where the little side item really struck a chord with me. The Ketchup. It was some kind of smoky ketchupy concoction which I loved. I dipped my fries in it, dipped my burger in it, stole it from other people at the table this stuff was amazing. Yes I did get that excited about ketchup.

If you every find yourself hungry in El Paso I would enthusiastically recommend you stop by Crave for a bite to eat and a drink you wont be disappointed and it will leave you Craving more, see what I did there.


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