Fall Soup


After our dinner at Celebrations, see post here, and their amazing soup I decided to give fall soup a shot. This also came with a little “encouragement” from my wife who loves soup. In my true fashion I had to go big or stay home so I decided to make acorn squash bowls as well.


While i would love to tell you about all the hard toils and troubles this soup caused me, i cant, it was surprisingly easy and surprisingly delicious. I took the recipe from Minimalist Baker, You can find the recipe here


This is a very easy to follow recipe and gives you leeway in the ingredients you use. l was going with all 3 Carrots, squash, and sweet potato but ended up after a small butternut squash and sweet potato that covered my 4 cups of veggies. The carrots had to sit on the sideline.


Other than that i just followed the recipe, i used Thyme as a seasoning and kale chips as topper. The acorn squash bowls really added a nice touch as you could scrape away at your bowl as you were eating the soup.



This was a very thick, rich, filling, and warming soup. It was a perfect cold weather warm you up comfort food meal. The recipe states 4 servings and i would say that is right. During this cold winter season if you need a little something to warm you up give this soup a try and thank me later. 

P.S. My wife loved it too.


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