Rock and Roll Tattoos

If you will allow me I am going to venture off my normal path. This post and these pictures have nothing to do with drinking, food, cigars, or anything of the sorts but I have to throw this one in. See attached to the Rock and Roll Bar-BBQ. Is a little tattoo shop called Rock and Roll Tattoo and Piercing company. You guessed it same owner. So when he is not helping run the restaurant, or laying down sick tracks ( my attempt at cool lingo) with the band Ball Cheese Psychotics, Dan Bess is laying down ink at the tattoo shop.

Hard at work.

Let me tell you this guy is awesome. Highly professional, clean, and a damn good artist. Not to mention he will work with you on your design and be honest with you about what will and wont work. He would rather give you a great tattoo than just take your money for so-so work. I spent 6 hours in his shop with my son getting his first tattoo, and it was a big one. Dan always took the time to check in with him let him stretch his legs and keep him comfortable.

Doing some line work.

So when you are in the WNY area and decide you want some ink give the shop a call this guy is a professional and will do the job right.

Then when you’re done stop in for a drink and some food at the Rock and Roll Bar-BBQ and show off your new tattoo.

Full disclosure Dan Bess is my cousin but I would not be posting these rave reviews of either the restaurant or the tattoo shop if I did not fully stand behind them. I also would not have taken my son there if I wasn’t sure of the quality of work.


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