Walkers Bluff



So with the rare opportunity to spend a day together my wife an I decided to go to a local winery. Walker’s Bluff in Carterville Illinois. It was a beautiful day out so after arriving, tasting a few samples we decided on a bottle and chose to sit out side on the patio. The crowd was small so it was nice not too loud but not dead. There was live music playing mostly good classic rock and country. Deciding on a snack we went for a bread and oil place and a charcuterie plate. We snacked and sipped the afternoon away enjoying the wine and entertainment. We even took a few pictures for a group of ladies that was having quite the good time laughing and drinking away. The weather was right, the wine was great, the music good, the atmosphere fun, and my company perfect. All in all a great time was had at Walker’s Bluff.


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