Wine And Saffron

An evening of shopping and wine tasting led us to a new place for dinner. Bistro Saffron  In Cape Girardeau, Mo. After tasting some wines at Primo Vino and doing some shopping at both Primo Vino and Cask Spirits and Beer we decided to walk down to Bistro Saffron for something new. We really enjoyed the layout of the restaurant it utilized all the space in the small building but it did not feel cramped or crowded. We were seated right away. After a bit of re-hydration we ordered Sake and a Dumpling appetizer. The dumplings were awesome and the honey soy vinaigrette that went with it was delicious with the sweet from the honey and the salty umami from the soy they went together well.



Then Came the main courses. The Yellow Curry Chicken and the Golden Tiger Roll sushi roll. Lets start with the curry dish. This was a first time for us eating curry so I have nothing to compare it too, but wow! The flavor and aroma are incomparable to anything else I have ever had. I guess if I had to sum it up in a descriptor “floral” would be the word I would use. This was amazing an intensity that blew my palette away. That is saying a lot too knowing my black coffee, IPA, whiskey drinking and maduro smoking palette. The dish was delicious the crispy topping with the fresh veggies gave it a nice texture to contrast the creaminess of the broth with the noodles and chicken. The sushi roll not to be out done had a nice crunch from the cucumber and a softness from the cream cheese to give a nice textural experience. The flavor was balanced and fresh and the wasabi had a nice kick to it to finish it off.



Not sure if we all know this or not but I am not a dessert guy. Although I was feeling a little adventurous today especially after the experience with the curry. Not going too far out of my comfort zone I went with the creme brulee right in my wheel house for creamy rich and caramely. The star of the dessert though was the Crepe Cake. This dish was layer after layer of Crepe stacked high giving it a texture of a thick rich cheese cake. Then top that off with a light tart raspberry sauce and garnish with fresh raspberries and blueberries. From what we were told this was a homemade recipe of one of the cooks mothers. Congratulations to her this was a hit. This was amazing not too sweet but a nice finish to a great meal.


We were definitely pleased with our experience at Saffron Bistro. From the quick seating to the attentive and pleasant wait staff and delicious meal. This was an amazing night so I think I know where I will be going next time I find myself tasting wine and shopping for hard to find whiskeys and beers. Which let’s face it is pretty often.


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